Axel Engström

- Stockholm based human and computer enthusiast

Career goals

I strive for being a part of a team making useful products/services for a good cause. I want to make use of my combined knowledge of HCI and web development. I want to work with UX or Web development, open for discussion here.


UX-design, Design thinking, User centered design, Participatory design etc. I Know my way around the Adobe suite, I'm quite handy with OSX/Unix and I'm currently hacking on React and Gatsby.js.


Bachelors program in interaction design, Stockholm university (September 2017 - June 2020)

Currently studying my last year in the HCI-field of computer science. I’m writing my bachelor thesis on enhancing learning by using IoT in the Swedish school system.

Work experience

UX-designer/Web developer, Younai Design (April 2019 - This moment)

Together with three fellow students from my current program we formed Younai Design to practice our knowledge. Mainly we've been focusing on helping startups communicate their ideas to investors by conducting user research and developing interactive prototypes and MVPs. I’ve been practicing my coding and user research skills with Younai.

Designer/Web developer, Axel Engström (January 2014 - April 2019)

Parallel with being a touring musician I’ve been running my own business. I started with simple graphical design/web design and later found my passion for code, developing Wordpress sites for small and medium sized business mainly.

Musician, The Majority Says (May 2011 - June 2015)

Formed the pop band The Majority Says together with 5 friends. Together we released two LPs, two EPs, played somewhat around 100 concerts and made it all the way to SXSW back in 2013.